The 2010 SEAT Leon Cupra R

Leon Cupra R is coming. Power will come from a 265bhp 2.0-litre TSI turbo unit – the same as in Volkswagen’s Scirocco R and imminent Golf R. The Cupra R promises to pick up where the previous-generation range-topper left off, with sizzling pace. While the standard 237bhp Leon Cupra covers 0-62mph in 6.4 seconds – faster than the VW Golf GTI – the newcomer is expected to achieve a time of less than six seconds.

Hinting at its potential will be a racy bodykit and sports seats, while under the skin it’s likely to get uprated brakes and retuned suspension. The XDS electronic differential system from the Scirocco and Golf GTI is also set to feature.

along with R badges everywhere, the sizzling Cupra gets 19-inch wheels with low-profile tires, bigger brakes, and special trim for the instrument dials and alcantara-lined interior.

The Art of Business Development

There are few things more important for survival in today’s world wide marketplace then a great business strategy. This is something that needs to be well thought out and implemented from the very beginning of a companies move into any market. The ideas in your business development strategy should permeate from the smallest member of the team to the CEO’s office. If a company can get behind a properly designed and executed development plan, there will be no stopping them!

To begin with you will need to invite every level of management to a brainstorming session. These managers should be clues into the discussions ahead of time and prepared to engage in lively debates on the issues. It should be understood by all that the ideas that come forth here will be shaping everyone’s future. Lay out a goal list for your planned session and be sure to work thorough it completely before the even closes.

Once you have engaged in this session a list of company strengths and weakness’ should begin to develop. You will need to formulate a development strategy to work these weakness’ out of your company and make your strengths even stronger. This will have to become apart of the corporate culture for it to truly take hold. If everyone is not on board, your changes will never have a chance to get off the ground.